Alice's Adventures on Cuckoocloud

Alice yawned in her seemingly typical online classroom day until an excitable pigeon fluttered by squawking about a broken cuckoo clock that suddenly whisks them on an adventure into the clouds.

An original production by the Panther Playhouse company of students loosely based on Lewis Carroll's classic tales.

Performances to be available online. Information will be published in the PantherGram in February.

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

By William Shakespeare
Verse Selection by Richard Carter

An original online adaptation by the Panther Playhouse company of students.

Parent Meeting March 29

Student theatre company representing all young adults participating in Kirkland Middle School performing arts.

Panther Playhouse students perform a musical in the fall and a Shakespeare production each spring. They work in a welcoming environment where they can examine and embrace all aspects of performing arts. We strive to educate, learn, direct, encourage, and not be fearful of exploring the boundaries of our potential.

2021-2022 season