While Beatrice and Benedick preach their disgust of one another, the young Claudio and Hero pledge their love to each other and decide to be married. To pass the time in the week before the wedding, the lovers and their friends successfully trick Beatrice and Benedick to fall in love while a more sinister mind plots to destroy the reputation of Claudio and Hero on their wedding day.

Friday November 18 & Saturday Saturday November 19 at 7pm
@Kirkland Middle School

$10 suggested donation for adults and free for youth.

It was a bird! It was a plane! It was our fall musical!

"Stanley Marvel is the clumsiest person in Megaville and dreams of doing something better in life. Suddenly, the town is turned upside-down by their local hero, The Candy King, who is a secret super villain determined to conquer the world with his corrupt confectionery. Fortunately, Stanley's grandmother has a secret formula to turn Stanley into Superstan!"

Closed Saturday November 20, 2021
Lake Washington High School Performing Arts Center

Header image is from 2021 production of Amazing Adventures of Superstan.