The Tempest

What happens when a ship full of Disney princes and princesses shipwreck on Shakespeare’s enchanted island to discover monsters, spirits, magicians, Greek gods, and young romance? A musical with a Disney happy ending, of course!

World Premier Panther Playhouse Musical Adaptation

Friday May 20 & Saturday May 21 at 7pm
Kirkland Middle School

$10 suggested donation for adults and free for youth.

It was a bird! It was a plane! It was our fall musical!

"Stanley Marvel is the clumsiest person in Megaville and dreams of doing something better in life. Suddenly, the town is turned upside-down by their local hero, The Candy King, who is a secret super villain determined to conquer the world with his corrupt confectionery. Fortunately, Stanley's grandmother has a secret formula to turn Stanley into Superstan!"

Closed Saturday November 20, 2021
Lake Washington High School Performing Arts Center

Header image is from 2021 production of Amazing Adventures of Superstan.